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Librarian, Zinester,… Linux User?!

I imagine most Linux users have a story about what drove them towards or attracted them to Linux. My particular Linux journey began in 2007 when I purchased an Asus EEEpc 2G Surf. The default OS was underwhelming. Where was Windows XP? The Internet actually provided me with a way to shoe-horn XP onto the Surf, but it was more “proof of concept” than anything else. Now what? I certainly couldn’t use it in any meaningful way.

Enter Puppy Linux. I was amazed that something that functional was free of cost. How? Why?! The FOSS rabbit hole opened up before me. I was hooked. I’ve dabbled with dozens of distros since then, but three things kept me from committing to Linux. University courses that required me to use crappy software that would only run on Windows. PC games. My inability to pick the “right” distro for me.
Graduation from university. Check. Steam on Linux. Check. Ubuntu Mate. Check.

I have always wanted to like Ubuntu, but it just never quite clicked for me. Unity actually made me like Ubuntu less. I nearly settled for Linux Mint – which is a perfectly good OS – but I tried Ubuntu Mate on a whim… and I really liked it. I decided to ditch Windows for Linux while I saved for a Mac. I know, I know, but ALL of my friends are Apple fans and I really like my iPhone. However, I believe I have decided to make Ubuntu Mate 16.4 my primary OS on my primary machine. It’s just that good.